Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Here's a little preview of what might be coming down the road when some people get a little crazy and even more desperate than you now think possible. If you've ever wondered why cops shoot first and ask questions later, here is a possible explanation. On the other hand, you and I are a lot more likely to be on the receiving end of this kind of exchange. Unfortunately, the fatal flashpoint is all too easy to reach in a heavily armed and increasingly volatile and violently confrontational society. You can be assured that we are all going to be exposed to such highly escalating levels of violence as the social and economic order continues to deteriorate. Prepare to get caught in a nasty crossfire as anarchy and social chaos create a situation where desperation and culturally ingrained moral irresponsibility gain the upper hand in the fight for survival. The resulting and preprogrammed response of the police and military authorities will be an equally vicious and escalating level of engagement, justified by the psychopathic criminality witnessed in this video. Add to this powder keg the presence of tens of thousands of mind controlled manchurian candidates whom this veteran might well have been a prime example of, and we have the makings of an unprecedented bloody social conflagration which after all is only the logical outcome of a nation which has laid claim over the centuries to the dubious honor of the most violent country on the face of this planet.
February 22-Some few days after the above post, the nation witnessed the fiery destruction of the Echelon building in Austin as a light aircraft crashed into the structure with a full load of fuel (some sources say with an extra payload of fuel and/or explosives rigged into the cabin). The pilot was identified as Andrew Joseph Stack III, a 53 year old Vietnam Veteran. Joe Stack is presently assuming the posthumous status of folk hero in the minds of some of the more committed members of the growing anti-government movement, having left to posterity a lengthy "rant", as he himself characterized it, on his company website. To my mind, an unexceptional tirade focusing on some obscure IRS statute and a general dissatisfaction with the government, it was otherwise composed of a rehashed litany of the manifold abuses of John Q. Public at the hands of the financial predators on Wall Street, the IRS in particular and the ever encroaching multi- tentacled kraken in Washington.
Of course the internet rumor mill is running amuck with Austin based media bullwhoren Alex Jones leading the charge. Though it is not my intention or purpose to wade through these increasing salvoes and their relative merits, it does indeed appear surprising odd that a Piper Cherokee weighing some 1400 pounds fully loaded could cause such extensive damage. And then there are the assertions that the software programmer/contractor had ties to corporations with extensive defense department connections and contracts. http://ofgoatsandmen.blogspot.com/2010/02/joseph-andrew-stack-had-911-nsa-cia-and.html and was even himself a software contractor for the CIA/Pentagon including remote control of aircraft. This latter from John Lee at Pirate radio is going viral. http://piratenews.org/
There are a multitude of red false flags waving above and around this sordid affair and thousands of internet pundits and info-junkies rushing into the maddened fray like birds of prey in a frenzy to pick this Joe Stack carcass clean. This society and especially the internet is one mass herd of schadenfreude, stampeding to each successive disaster in hysterical panic stricken glee.


yardfarmer said...

Why are all these people so interested in the bombing and killing which you have so gratuitously provided them with here? You ought to act more socially responsible and only post uplifting ideals which can inspire mankind. This kind of insensible violence is already rampant in our culture and only attracts an unhealthy and sadistic voyeurism to feast on the merely sensational. You need re-education.

Anonymous said...

the idea that one of our fine, dedicated law enforcement professionals should be gunned down in cold blood on a highway by a madman and then be broadcast across the Internet for everybody to see just sticks in my craw.

Anonymous said...

This site is obviously the creation of people who actually believe they'r "law enforcement officers."

Cops are NOT law enforcement officers! Cops are "peace officers" who's duty it is to protect the rights and safety of citizens.

Too many clowns that become "law enforcement officers" are generally psychotics who want to violently prey on citizens.

It is no wonder that some citizens refuse to be killed by arrogant, narcissistic psychopaths hiding behind a badge.

Anonymous said...

Cops are no longer peace officers when they openly gun down an individual when the only threat is to their own being. Police officers are out of control, they are no longer peace keepers, they are soldiers on the home front. I'm not advocating killing anyone, but everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and equal, today, with many uniformed people, this is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't this more complicated than it should be.
Okay, first off, I feel for both men. I know he's a danger, but somehow, I can't see the vet going to prison for something he did out of instinct and training.

Secondly, not all cops are bad, so quit that hate. That's why the nigger ass gangs are so rampant right now. People like you make their lives easier.

Thirdly, the entire system is garbage. The first thing we think of is vengeance and yet we some how think we're mightier than other "barbaric" nations. Uh, we don't follow the "To PROTECT and TO SERVE" ethos. We ARE barbarians! Privatized prisons are the worst thing to have ever happened to this nation. Yes, worse than your petty recession.

It turns normal people into psychopaths, reinforces the gangs and will probably cause this vet added PTSD that he does not need.

Welcome to America. A nation of prisoners and slaves. Hell, why would we fight it? We're trained to OBEY it!

Go to work. Blame others. Vote in line. Cog in the wheel. Justice is what the masses think. Pay your taxes. Don't question anything. Hate the cops. Do your drugs. Take your stupid 8/hr. Pay your ridiculous living costs. Hate the rich. Do nothing about it.

You're all blind as hell.