Thursday, April 25, 2013

Global CST-The Israeli Mercenaries Who Brought You the Boston Marathon Bombing

"It happened Jan 10 at around 2pm my time. I happened to be online. I did a Google search for "Defense Ministry fines firm that sent elite training force to Guinea" which is the title of the article that I was being asked to remove. The article archived on my blog was displayed on the top of the Google page as always. But in a matter of only one minute, I watched it vanish right in front of my very own eyes. I could not believe it! I only refreshed the page I was looking at and I was totally surprised to notice that the article was no longer on the top of the Google page, nor anywhere else on the Google search page! It just vanished right in front of my eyes! "

the article referred to above was one of the many which the author had written on the Israeli international mercenary Global CST. Apparently this organization has some very deep secrets it wants to hide and the means to ensure that its nefarious activities remain hidden, unchronicled, and generally unavailable to public scrutiny.
Unfortunately JewTube via Google has eliminated the excellent video exposing the global mercenary Israeli company Global CST, their founder Israel Ziv, and its involvement with the Boston Marathon Bombing. Videos were also removed from other articles on this site which I found adequate substitutes for. Unfortunately I could not locate anything of the scope and extent of the scrubbed video. Thank you for Internet censorship JewTube and Google. Bastards!

 New information is coming to light concerning the infiltration and subornation of local police agencies by "agencies both foreign and domestic" but largely under the aegis of the federal government. As suggested during the segment in the above video connecting the three Connecticut state troopers interviewed at Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombings, retired military and special forces are posing as local law enforcement authorities throughout the country in prelude to coming economic collapse, the establishment of martial law and gun confiscation. The photos below, gaining wide circulation across the net purportedly identify the three state troopers at Sandy Hook in action as CST ops at the Boston Marathon just after the bombing. Judge for yourself.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Apparent Missile Strike on West, Texas Fertilizer Plant. Martial Law in Boston.

Of all the extraordinary events transpiring this past week, we find this video of the incredible explosion at the West, Texas fertilizer plant the most troubling. What we are apparently witnessing herein is the evidence of some extraneous agency, perhaps a missile or even more incredibly some directed energy weapon searing across the sky and impacting the plant creating the massive explosion which leveled the plant and destroyed a considerable amount of the town of 2600 near Waco. Coming so close to the present anniversary of the Waco massacre and hard on the heels of the false flag attack at the Boston Marathon which has resulted in a defacto declaration of martial law in the city and surrounding area, we are wondering, along with many others undoubtedly, whether these events mark a phase transition towards the establishment of our inevitable police state military occupation especially with such  coordinated and devastating government sponsored terror attacks on the citizenry.