Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fascist Functionary Singlehandedly Devastates Community Organic Banquet!

The recent Nevada State Health Department raid on the Quail Hollow farm which resulted in the destruction of organic foodstuffs prepared for 100 guests as part of the increasingly popular practice of sumptuous open air picnic banquets being hosted across the country on organic farms points up the potentially pernicious and devastating effects of the recently passed SB 501, the so called Food Modernization and Safety Act. The spectacle of one self important and consummately arrogant factotum from a state health department coercing, intimidating, and controlling the assembled members of a community supported agricultural enterprise is instructive in many ways not the least of which is the docile and abject compliance of the owners and guests with the insanely grotesque mandate of the popinjay government agent to not only destroy the entire feast prepared by a professional chef but to pour bleach on the resultant garbage lest it be fed to the resident pig.

This abnormal and monstrous culinary miscarriage is certainly an object lesson in the obsequious and spineless predisposition of a cowed and brutalized citizenry whose taste of abject humiliation apparently knows no bounds. Rather than demanding the credentials of the dismal ministerial creature and requesting the legal mandate for such a preposterous, ridiculous and appalling action, the owners and attendees carry out the Department of Health diktat with the obedient complaisance of high schoolers caught in some kind of prank.

Indeed, the lemming like response of these good Americans is a testimony to the effectiveness of an educational system whose primary purpose is to indoctrinate conformity and unquestioning operant social conditioning in service to the corporate state ensuring if not homogeneity of thought, than at very least, the servile acceptance of contradictory legalistic formulas designed to circumscribe, curtail and eliminate independent activity with the ever present threat of punitive proscriptions. In this respect Goethe's maxim being bandied about a lot these days along with a lot of other nonsensical homage to the so-called founding fathers idea of "freedom" is instructive. "There are no people more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"