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Yardfarmer Says:

Right off the bat Chuck is gonna let you know( just like that other super patriot John McCain) that the whole reason for this catastrophe is that the unfortunate Haitian pickaninnies are in thrall to their tyrannical despotic and corrupt slave masters. All they need is a good dose of old fashioned free market capitalism and then they’ll have roads and proper buildings just like us. Well guess what? Haiti is a case study in the devastating effects of free market capitalism at the end of a barrel of a gun. Ever heard of General Smedley Butler U.S.M.C., Chuck? He’s an expert in what we’ve done to Haiti and nearly every other country in South and Central America and then some. You oughta read up on Smedley sometime, a real American patriot. He worked for Murder Incorporated and he’s not too proud of it.

Even a cursory study of Haitian history reveals that from the invasion in 1915 which left 14,000 native Haitians dead at the hands of the U.S.M.C., to the Duvaliers and the dreaded Tontons Macoute, the U.S. has unfailingly funded and supported those tyrants and their murderous henchmen. Yet Baldwin acts like the U.S. military presence just happened last week. How else do you think that your notorious Bush-Clinton drug cartel managed to make the Haitian peninsulas their private fiefdom for the transshipment of cocaine and the laundering of the profits? By forming a missionary organization?
Chuck is definitely a guy who does not like going out on a limb. He just conveniently hints at a lot of things which is not surprising considering he’s got a lot of skin in the game, exposure that is. And the way he’s lathering on the sunscreen here it’s obvious he also doesn’t want to get BURNT. In other words ,he’s going to let you come to your own conclusions and cover his own ass above all. Obviously he’s heard all about HAARP on the Internet, especially with Hugo Chavez mouthing off about it. But all he can do is say it out of context, like,”… Black Ops personnel manufactured the earthquake in Haiti…” Oh no I would never suggest that, NOOO!! (even though he just did ) Far be it from such a righteous Christian soldier such as Chuck to let himself be associated with those wacko “conspiracy theories”. He might get some strange looks in the pews on Sunday.
Though he covers the drug angle pretty well, he must have a lot of friends in the oil business. We hear not a single word spoken about the vast reservoirs of oil off the shores of Haiti which have been common knowledge to them at least for the past decade. Those oil magnate elites might be offended if they got too closely associated with those “Black Ops personnel” And by the way Chuck, how do those boys manufacture a goldurned earthquake anyways? I guess we’ll have to ask the French. Maybe HAARP is french for “Black Ops”


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rare Photos of the Kushmonster

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The devastating magnitude 7 earthquake which flattened Port Au Prince, Haiti and sent shock waves throughout the country over a week ago was recently followed by a magnitude 6 aftershock. While the mainstream media outlets provided a non-stop stream of the usually titillating shadenfreude designed to pump up their ratings and mesmerize throngs of TV habitués, rumors began circulating across the internet about the possible involvement of the highly secret black budget HAARP (High Activity Auroral Research Project) in the disaster. A recent revelation that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) under the auspices of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami was actually at the moment of the quake testing its systems for "providing relief to Haiti in the event of a potential hurricane" and which subsequently went "live" certainly raises some red flags or should we say false flags about the apocalyptic tragedy. Those familiar with the ins and outs of 9/11 "conspiracy theories" remember that at the time of those attacks NORAD just happened to be conducting war games exercises, one of which, involving a nuclear attack on the U.S., called "Vigilant Guardian" supposedly caused NORAD command and control to stand down as the hijackings were actually taking place. A similar drill was also in play at the time of the London Subway bombings. Some have suggested a drill was in effect at Fort Hood as the mass killings transpired there. HAARP, which went on line in 1994, certainly has the capability to create an event of this nature as the video above well documents. As Haiti, which has been under a particularly lethal and brutal U.S./UN occupation since the ouster of president Jean Bertrand Aristide, becomes spotlighted on the world stage with no less than two former US presidents, a secretary of state, and the secretary general of the UN on the scene making statements and posing for the cameras, along with a vast assemblage of international relief agencies and military forces, one has to ask what might be the possible motivation for the de facto invasion. Yes, the government of the United States of America and the international and global cartels and cabals which it represents are vitally interested in this impoverished prison house of a nation. Setting aside less obvious reasons for the moment and granting the generally acknowledged fact that Haiti is a vital nexus in the drug transshipment pipeline from South and Central America to the rapacious demand market in the States, another crucial demand market which is yet another main motivator of U.S. global geopolitical strategy must be admitted. Thanks to the miracle of Google one can explore the impact of this market on the island nation by searching Haiti/Oil.

It goes without saying that the foregoing speculations will be inevitably dismissed with a mixture of incredulity and contempt. That comes as no surprise as a veritable bulwark of antipathy and hostility has been erected against the acceptance of such contrarian alternatives to our generally accepted and conventional interpretations of history, much less the analysis of events currently unfolding. In this respect 9/11 marked a watershed event as it signaled a quantum shift away from the gratuitous acceptance of prefabricated government-media scenarios intended for immediate public consumption. This was reflected in the Zogby poll which confirmed that over 60% of the American public rejected the "official" version of events as contained in the insulting and ridiculous 9/11 commission report. Indeed some decades ago most Americans greeted the findings of the Warren Commission based on the moronic "single bullet" theory with general skepticism if not outright derision, and subsequently and correctly decided that Lee Harvey Oswald was an unfortunate and pathetic patsy and could not have possibly singlehandedly carried out the crime of the century. For most of us this is where the matter ends as we throw up our hands and get back to the ordinary and mundane tasks of life which are infinitely more rewarding than endless speculations which will never have any resolution anyway. There are those however who appear called upon, seemingly against all odds and reason itself, to ferret out the truth concerning these recondite and abstruse matters with indefatigable energy and intense singlemindedness. As a result of these kind of endeavors the extraordinary scientific discoveries of Nikola Tesla and the subsequent and significant findings of Bernard Eastlund which have resulted in several patents recorded at the US Patent Office, have received a considerable degree of public interest. On the other hand the quantum leaps of the applied technologies which form the scientific basis of HAARP remain outside the purview of many if not most of the professionals of the applied sciences much less the understanding of the lay community. Needless to say, as evidenced in its funding which, as stated is entirely black budget and thus outside the ordinary processes of congressional oversight, the HAARP project has remained shrouded in carefully crafted secrecy and obscurity from its inception. As with so many other PsyOps, mind control and DARPA projects for the past several decades, a concerted effort has been made to conceal the significant and lasting impacts these technologies have been making on society at large. The result is that an occult shadow has been cast over the workings of scientific empirical understanding itself with the inevitable result that mankind itself is increasingly unaware of of significant and powerful forces which certain scientific discoveries have unleashed across the planet in a daunting and bewildering array.

So what does all this have to do with the apocalyptic devastation in Haiti, seemingly yet only another natural disaster, an inescapable concomitant of our tenuous and all too perilous earthly existence? What can be immediately agreed upon is that there are forces at work in this tragedy which are beyond the scope of our normal capacities of human understanding. In an attempt to transcend the limits of this understanding, there are those who might call it an act of God, even some kind of divine reprisal against the sins of men as some of our beloved American televangelists have attempted to do. As this kind of judgment might be generally regarded as aberrant, unconscionable, and even insane, how much the more abhorrent the suggestion that this apocalypse was effected by the agency of man himself with a terrible and as yet generally unknown engine of destruction emanating from the Alaskan wild.
The point is, if this technology even exists (and it is certainly well documented that it does) and if it possesses the capacity to bring about such devastating effects (and this is equally well documented) why and for what purpose would the persons in control of this awesome energy unleash it upon the poorest nation of the Western Hemisphere? We might answer this question with another: Why would the United States in the closing days of World War ll, when the war in the Pacific theater was all but won, unleash the terrible destructive power of the Atomic bomb on unsuspecting civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,Japan? According to many commentators and historians the fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden were accomplished with little or no strategic significance as well.It might be argued that we were at war with powerful totalitarian regimes bent on world conquest. Yes, and that was over 60 years ago, the world has dramatically changed with the U.S. the only "superpower" and today in the business of undermining and subjugating weak, third world, largely defenseless nations as part of its geopolitical stratagems.(Witness the invasions of such nations as Grenada and Panama) One might well suggest from the foregoing conclusions that there is a less than benign plenipotentiary agency operative in the world which in its unassailable technological supremacy regards mankind as some kind of expendable commodity with which it might do as it well pleases and as it suits its purposes. Just what those purposes are remains open to speculation, but I think we can safely assume that they inevitably involve the attainment of wealth and power and most importantly the lever to attain those objectives-social and political control.

In the case of the long suffering Haitian people, it had been discovered some decades ago that vast reservoirs of oil lay beneath the shores of Haiti, which along with coveted deep water ports would provide the ideal location for transshipment points to the United States and the rest of the Caribbean. One must remember that one of the services performed by the HAARP technology is tomographic X-rays of substrata to locate reserves of oil and natural gas. This involves the concentration of HAARP's one billion watt cyclotron microwave energy refracted from ionospheric plasma antennae to selected GPS co-ordinates to actually penetrate the earth's surface with ELF wavelengths. As was discovered in HAARP activated tomographic operations in Oregon these wavelengths can produce considerable vibrations which in turn trigger local seismic activity. If such tremendous energy is directed to a major fault line like the one which traverses Haiti and runs beneath Port-Au-Prince itself, a major seismic shift like the one just experienced is the inevitable consequence.

When one considers the response of the international community to the disaster and its impact on the Haitian side of the island, certain glaring inconsistencies begin to emerge. Foremost of these is the decided military character of the operation which some observers on the ground have compared more to an invasion than a humanitarian relief effort. The reason given for this is, of course, the "extremely volatile situation" which, we must suppose, necessitates the presence of fully armed combat forces, 10,000 strong in the case of the U.S. However, when one considers the character of the U.S. foreign policy in the past towards the impoverished country, this heavy handed approach is simply a continuation of several decades of repression which began in earnest in the early 1900's when a U.S. Marine Corps foray into Haiti resulted in 15,000 dead. Ever since the ouster of Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1994, effected by a U.S. occupation, control has been ceded to the U.N. which has presided over a brutal military regime aided and abetted by the notorious local death squads, the"attachés" in decimating Aristide's popular Lavalas movement and killing or imprisoning its leadership.(see video below- The Real Haiti-Blood Altar of the Americas)

In the final analysis we have no hard evidence to support the conjectures concerning the possible involvement of HAARP in this disaster. On the other hand the means, the opportunity and the motive are all manifestly present. Dr. Nick Begich, in one of the many videos created as a follow up to his seminal study, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP", suggests that during the Clinton regime, then Secretary of Defense William Cohen, in a government memorandum, stated unequivocally that the joint Air Force and Navy project possessed the capabilities for generating earthquakes which could potentially be used as "weapons of mass destruction". In addition, independent investigators have determined that from January 10 through the day of the quake, January 12, the 360 dipole antennae at the facility in Gakona, Alaska were operating at near maximum capacity according to magneto-spectrographic imaging obtained from the "induction magnetometer" on HAARP's website, while on the days immediately preceding and afterwards there was no visible activity. On January 10th through 12th considerable seismic activity was recorded throughout southwest Alaska.

Friday, January 15, 2010


an excellent gritty film documenting the brutal atrocities inflicted upon the people of Haiti and exposing the genocidal policies of the United States carried out by the UN “peace keepers”. The complicity of the UN forces with the notorious homicidal maniacs, the “attachés” in their sadistic campaign to suppress and destroy the Lavalas movement calling for the return of the popular elected president Jean Francois Aristide is appalling and horrendous. This most compelling chronicle of brutality and inhumanity only adds to the unbelievable suffering inflicted by the recent earthquake. This is a MUST SEE for anyone attempting to understand what is really going on not only in Haiti, but in the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Afghanistan and all across the world and what we might wake up to find here in our own homes and on our own streets tomorrow. The US/Zionist /NWO/ stormtroopers are on full display here for all to see in living color.

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We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For from PuppetGov on Vimeo. Howard Beale and a herd of water buffaloes confront the Illuminati and a pride of lionesses battling alligators. Priceless!