Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Precipice and The Abyss

As the nation presses inexorably forward to an ineluctable catharsis, another milestone has been quietly reached without fanfare, void of acknowledgement, seemingly of little importance and even less concern. The event we speak of is an economic milestone which presages an imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar as the major international reserve currency. As the deficit balloons to an almost unimaginable $1.75 trillion, the dollar slide has become irreversible as the UDX dipped to 79. UK debtworthiness has been downgraded and the U.S. is not to be long in following. New international currency cartels are being formed as the economic implosion in the U.S. continues unabated. China, Brazil and Argentina among others have already established trade agreements based on their respective currencies as international markets move away from dollar valuation. All that remains in the U.S. equity markets is a "sucker bubble" due to the massive infusion of the more than $12 trillions in electronically generated paper life support . Meanwhile the gold bell-wether is sounding the alarm as the royal metal has knifed through resistance levels to test the $960 level. We have come to this precipice almost unconsciously without understanding where we are being led or indeed where we are coming from. An unprecedented crisis of national identity is transpiring, a crisis which has begun assuming the character of a struggle for survival itself, personal, societal, and national. The economic cataclysm which has engulfed the world in such a relatively short time is now on the verge of transmorgrifying into a military conflict of unimaginable dimensions which is breaking upon our largely unsuspecting world with wave upon wave of gathering tidal fury which will inexorably inundate and obliterate that world as we know it. When we look at the theater of the present conflict as it spreads across Central Asia and into the Indian Subcontinent we can discern the outlines of the conflagration which has already been joined by the opposing hemispheric alliances deployed one against the other and reflecting the economic collapse of the prevailing economic paradigm. What one is reminded of here is Clauswitz's famous dictum, "War is the continuation of policy by other means." The irremediably grievous and catastrophic conflicts in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and the ongoing decades long evisceration of Iraq are the unfortunate staging areas of the larger geopolitical battleground upon which renascent China and the remnants of Anglo-American empire will engage.

The recent conflict in Sri Lanka underscored the Chinese geopolitical initiatives taking place throughout Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. The 26 year old civil war in Sri Lanka, to all appearances an intractable and bloody struggle characterised by brutal suicide attacks on civilian as well as military targets, has finally come to an abrupt and sanguinary end with the decimation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and a decisive government victory. The denouément partook of the mass displacement and wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of indigenous natives in a bloodbath unparalelled even by the standards of the particularily indiscriminate targeting of civilians which has characterised the decades long conflagration. Scarcely mentioned in the midst of the surprising turn around which brought about the government victory is the fact that Sri Lanka has become a client state of China which has bankrolled not only the construction of the Hambanata naval base to the tune of more than $1 billion, but has also supplied the Sinhalese government with military hardware and armaments totalling $38 million in April of 2007. In July 2001, after a devastating suicide attack on the Bandaranaike International Airport by the Tamil Tigers, which resulted in the catastrophic loss of 8 air force planes as well 4 Sri Lankan Airlines Airbuses, the Chinese stepped in and resupplied the government losses with six F7 jet fighters. It is obviously the unlimited Chinese support and intervention which has turned the tide as India, which unsuccessfully deployed its forces in the island nation in 1987 through 1991, a venture which brought about the assassination by the Tamil Tigers of ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, stands idly by. Meanwhile in Pakistan a similar government offensive, which has left more than a million residents of the country's northeastern provinces displaced refugees, seeks to dislodge Pashtun militants from the Swat Valley and Buner. This is but the latest catastrophe to beset a nation which appears on the brink of outright disintegration as the abortive U.S. Afghanistan adventure spills across its borders. Receiving much less attention on Pakistan's southwest coast is yet another significant Chinese enterprise, the deep water port and naval station being constructed at Gwadar at the furthest end of the Karakoram highway. Gwadar in the restive province of Baluchistan is destined to become an energy transport hub and oil pipeline into Chinese ruled Xinjiang designed to insulate Peking from interdiction of its oil supplies by hostile naval forces in the event of a major war. Additional Chinese port construction projects are taking place at Chittagong in Bangladesh and Sittive in Burma. In addition Chinese naval forces recently deployed 3 vessels to the Gulf of Aden in November and December 2008 on an unprecedented anti-piracy mission. As the Chinese footprint across South Asia enlarges, and the U.S. economic meltdown reaches critical mass, a collapse of the dollar is all that is needed to bring about a military confrontation, the stage for which is already being set by the various geopolitical manueverings in South and Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. "War is a continuation of policy by other means"
Or is it Russia? As we post this some days later, the Russian naval fleet has visited the Syrian port of Tartus where it has established a naval base as it has in Yemen, Vietnam (at the Haiphong Harbor), and Libya among other ports as an alternative to Sevastopol in Ukrainian Crimea. In the Black Sea, the Russian and American naval forces are in a standoff after Russia recognised the breakaway region of Abkhazia as it secedes from the the former Russian republic of Georgia. A U.S. Coast Gaurd cruiser was redirected from the Black Sea port of Tumi already occupied by Russian missle cruisers as the resupply of Georgian forces by NATO is challenged by the Russian fleet. These manueverings are significant in light of the prospects of an expected Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities in mid June. As Obama has publicly disavowed any support of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in a recent meeting with "Bibi" Netanyahu, the expectation is that the attack will go ahead as planned with American air support and AIWACS intelligence assets. The Israelis are committed to a pre-emptive strike similar to those which destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor prior to the Iraq- Iran war (1980-88) and a Syrian nuclear project in 2006. The Iranian nuclear facilities are protected by Rapier SAM and S-300 missile defense systems provided by the Russians and the deployment of Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean and Black Sea reinforce the growing and perilous confrontation brewing in the already inflamed Middle East.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

When I Was Still A Child

When I was still a child I began to see the disturbing outlines of a world that had assumed vaguely threatening forms. There were the communists. Atheistic hordes of Asiatic peoples enslaved by dictators wanted to destroy us. My constant question to myself was "What would you do if these Chinese communists came to your town and demanded you spit on the crucifix?" I saw myself heroically refusing such a desecration and being slowly tortured in a most excruciating fashion. Then I saw myself spitting on the crucifix and being killed anyway and then going to hell as a result. And then I saw myself spitting on the crucifix and actually getting off and becoming some kind of Chinese slave, yet still alive. Many years later it was the Russians. The Russians, also communist, had powerful missle bombs that could fly across the ocean and destroy our whole country. During a drill at school that was supposed to save you from this the teacher made us climb under our desks and cover our heads. Even though this was terrrifying and gave me nightmares I thought that being incinerated all at once was better than being tortured in front of your whole family or vice versa. Nonetheless, we were suddenly on the verge of what was politely called a "thermonuclear exchange". Our president John Kennedy, who had just been elected, was in a showdown with the Russian leader Nikita Khruschev. We were all proud of our young president. He was a Catholic just like us. Khruschev was a big old baldheaded guy who took off his shoe and pounded on the podium he was speaking at. He looked really mean and threatening just like a godless atheistic communist dictator would look. Right out of central casting. Khruschev had moved his all destructive warheads into Cuba and Kennedy wanted them out. The Russians refused to budge and so we were on the brink of war. In the fourth grade, along with counless other schoolkids across the nation, we would regularily get down under our desks and curl up into a ball covering our heads. The nuns also would gather us all together in the gym and we would say prayers so that God would save us from the communist bombs. Then suddenly after several weeks of this, it came about that the Russians decided to take their missiles back to Russia. Everybody relaxed. Our young and handsome president had won the faceoff with the old baldheaded Russian monster who wanted to blow up our cities. I remember seeing John Kennedy once when he visited our city. His motorcade on its way from the airport on the street that passed in front of our school. The shiny new cars all stopped directly in front of our school and the president stood up and waved to us all gathered together on the lawn in front of the church. Only a little while later something dreadful happened. John Kennedy's motorcade was driving down a street in Dallas, Texas when gunshots rang out. The president had been shot. The nuns took us all to the gym to tell us the news. They sent us all home and we watched the television as Walter Cronkite told us that our president was dead.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Death of A Nation, The End of Our Families

"Quae utilitas in sanguine meo? What profit is there in My Blood?" These words, attributed to Christ by St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, lead to some questions regarding the meaning of the Divine Immolation on calvary, the pivotal event of human history. Padre Pio goes on to say, in his pamphlet titled " The Agony of Jesus-A meditation on Our Lord's Agony in the Garden" : "I seem to hear all the laments of the Savior: Oh if at least man, for whom I am in anguish and for whom I am ready to embrace all, could only be grateful, would respond to the graces I obtain for him by My great suffering for him! If he would esteem the value of the price I pay to ransom him from the death of sin, to bestow on him the true life of the sons of God. Ah, that love which grieves My Heart more cruelly than the executioners will tear my flesh!.. Oh no! He sees man who does not know because he does not want to draw profit from it. He will even Blaspheme this Divine Blood, and more irreparable and inexcusable still, will turn It to his damnation. Only a few will profit by It, the greater number run the way of perdition" God's Wrath, Perdition, Hell, Damnation, and all such deeply troubling concepts are not much in vogue these days and, no wonder, especially so when one considers Padre Pio's closing words. The idea that the greater majority of humankind will "run the way of perdition" is simply unacceptable to the modern consciousness, and perhaps with good reason. Simply put, given those odds, you stand a strong chance of being on the losing end of that significant metaphysical equation. So why even bother? Unfortunately this is where the argument seems to end, if such speculations are even entertained from the outset, which itself is a longshot. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow.....One of the most profound and adamant proscriptions of the Catholic Church, and for which there will never be the least compromise, was enunciated most forcefully in the papal] encyclical Humana Vitae in 1960 (?) by Paul VI. This of course was the Church's ban on any means of artificial contraception. To separate the means of procreation from its final end, human life, with the attendant "final solution" of abortion on demand, has and will always attract from the magisterium the mostabsolute anathema. Thus the battle for the human soul begins at the very source of life, at conception. This whole issue has proven a significant stumbling block for a majority of American Catholics who conveniently ignore the teaching of the magisterium, and avail themselves of the services of Planned Parenthood in ever increasing numbers. Some surveys have even suggested that the majority of "clients" for abortion services are indeed young Catholic women. And what is the obvious legacy of such widespread behavior? Nothing less than the wholesale and wanton slaughter of innocent children, and the subsequent devastation of the family. This ongoing assault on the very matrix and foundation of our human life and society is bringing an end to our families. It is bringing about the death of this nation. The recent presidential election has ushered in a regime irrevocably committed to this hellish miscreancy as well as a host of other abominations carried over from the previous gang of criminals. Remember that the depradations of that last, now reviled, regime were allowed only by the mandate of massive assent created by the national catastrophe of 911. The present regime enjoys the same widespread enthusiasm and relative unanimity of national support due to subtle and pervasive manipulations of the electorate. The political and above all military and domestic economic objectives remain the same. Another great Catholic saint and prophet Franz Jagerstatter, whose solitary witness against the Nazi state ended with his matyrdom, once had a dream "all of a sudden I saw a beautiful shining railroad train that circled around a mountain. Streams of children-and adults as well-rushed toward the train and could not be held back. I would rather not say how many adults did not join the ride. Then I heard a voice say to me: 'This train is going to hell'." Puzzled at first by this train, Jagerstatter finally concluded that it was a symbol of National Socialism. "Thus I believe God has shown me most clearly through this dream or revelation, and has convinced me in my heart how I must answer the question: should I be National Socialist--or Catholic? I would like to call out to everyone who is riding on this train: 'Jump out before the train reaches its destination, even if it costs you your life!' " So maybe we're not so far from heaven or hell as we might think. And given the readiness with which the masses throng to political messiahs whose utopian social programs conceal an agenda of death, the idea that "the greater number run the way of perdition" becomes a highly likely possibility. When the spirtiual ideals and the moral imperative born of them are discarded and swept away, the road is cleared for the logicians of political and social engineering to categorically, systematically eliminate individuals, groups, and races which pose any obstacle to the attainment of the new world utopian paradise.
"When you cease to believe in God, you'll believe in anything"-Dostoevsky

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You're All Scared To Death And You Don"t Even Know It.

Marine and Special Forces operatives call in bombing strikes on targets provided by "intelligence assets". 120 civilian deaths in Afghanistan. 1 million abortions in the United States in the past year. 500,000 black babies. 250,000 Hispanic. You do the math. Genocide. The wolf is at the door, fools. The little pond is rapidly evaporating. You are flitting about in the shallow waters like agitated polliwogs. Like rabbits you come out of your holes and sniff the air. You smell blood and scuttle back down into your warrens. Your own bloodlines you are destroying. There was a future but you helped make it impossible. Your narcissistic and irrelevant lifestyle is being extinguished with a pathetic whimper. Everywhere the evidence of your demise makes it impossible to even comprehend your next step. And yet you go on. You're scared to death and you don't even know it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Have Serious Doubts

I have serious doubts that this supremely entitled, subsidised, and woefully narcissistic generation, averse as they are to intellectual rigor and devoid of moral impulse, are possessed of the stamina and visceral integrity to confront and understand themselves, much less rise to the full measure of responsibility necessary for even the most elemental demands of human existence not to speak of the extraordinary ones. As a matter of fact, their unquestioning and blind acceptance of the slick and exploitive ad campaigns which today sell everything from the quick disposal of an unwanted pregnancy to the presidency of the United States expose them as so many compliant and useful idiots amenable only to impulses of self gratification, expediency and crass opportunism. Of course there are notable exceptions, and these are by our very nature, rare. One more thing, Dog, and that is our extremely divergent concept of history, which has become more than apparent over the course of this dialog.(I hope we are not, as I suspect sometimes, only speaking to ourselves) You noted in your last dispatch, that you ceased voting after the Kennedy assassination. That event was THE truly seismic cataclysm and epochal shift which in its implications reverberates even into the present day, being nothing less than a coup d'etat and the installation of a secret shadow government within a government. Some would say that this has always been the case, yet even if that is so, the reason Kennedy was so tragically eliminated to our everlasting trauma is that he confronted and hoped to defeat the control of our government by this cabal of necromantic satanists, Nazis, freemasons, and zionist bankers. Remember, JFK had plans on his desk to begin withdrawal of U.S. forces from Vietnam (recently released State Department documents put to rest any dispute on this matter) and had promised quite publicly to break the CIA into so many pieces and throw it to the four winds. His refusal to provide air cover for that agency's abortive Bay of Pigs invasion is well known. A significant and well known speech of his shortly before his death, in no uncertain terms, warns of the danger posed to democracy by this secret order of predatory lunatics bent on subverting the government and specifically his presidency.(this clip is presently circulating on You Tube). Now I know that you and Colonel Kurtz and innumerable others hold this conspiratorial history in little or no esteem. And it is here that our basic concept of History diverges, and perhaps there will never be any agreement on this as well. But it is my firmly held conviction, not belief, that these same dark and secretive forces are at work in the world today,manuevering, conspiring behind the scenes, orchestrating events right down to this so-called economic meltdown which ushered in the presidency of Yobama. These are the same people JFK was warning us about.